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Anyone else isn't you

Side A
Artist Song
Iggy Pop  The Passenger 
Eurythmics  Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) 
Bauhaus  Bela Lugosi's Dead 
Sex Pistols  Holidays in the Sun 
Phoebe Cates  Paradise 
Side B
Blondie  Heart of Glass 
The Cure  Lullaby 
Joy Division  Disorder 
The Beatles  Hello Goodbye 
AC/DC  Let Me Put My Love Into You 


A strange mix for a strange love: Marta
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controlled catastrophe
Date: 4/19/2011
Marta is lucky to know someone with such great taste in music, this is awesome :) Sex Pistols directly after Bauhaus is a bold choice, but I like it. Nicely done!
Date: 4/19/2011
Thanks, you're very kind. I'm still trying to convince her that she is so lucky XD yes, Sex Pistols after Bauhaus is strange, but Phoebe Cates after Sex Pistols is worse XD however it has a meaning, i can assure you.