what i'm trying to tell you is not going to come out like i want to say it.

Artist Song
the ios  set the ray to jerry [cover] 
travis  3 times and you lose 
wilco  i am trying to break your heart 
the weakerthans  night windows 
elliott smith  the biggest lie 
death cab for cutie  soul meets body 
ben kweller  i gotta move 
the smashing pumpkins  this time 
m. ward  carolina 
ben folds  you don't know me [feat. regina spektor] 
against me!  those anarcho punks are mysterious.. 
modest mouse  so much beauty in dirt 
fountains of wayne  these days [cover] 
karatedog  1979 [cover] 
air  cherry blossom girl [hope sandoval version] 
elliott smith  independence day 
the flaming lips  it's summertime 
belle and sebastian  legal man 
the white stripes  little ghost 
air  kelly watch the stars [edit] 
karen o and the kids  rumpus 


over, under, around, and through. [spring.]


controlled catastrophe
Date: 4/26/2011
This is one of the best mix titles I've ever seen. And excellent music, it all makes sense together. You know that you've done a good job when the music and the lyrics speak more than you can, or want to I guess, in your case ;)
Date: 4/8/2013
are there any new mixes in the works?