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CLEAN ALL THE THINGS: a tribute to all-nighters

Artist Song
Talking Heads  Staying Up Late  
Boomtown Rats  Up All Night  
The Who  Can't Explain  
Funkadelic  Maggot Brain  
James Brown  The Night Train (1963)  
Spinnerette  I Will Refuse  
Pavement  Shoot the Singer  
The Rolling Stones  Wild Horses  
Pendulum  Masochist  
The Waifs  Brain Damage  
Alter Ego  Rocker  
CKY  ...And She Never Returned  
Tiger Army  Outlaw Heart  
The Max Levine Ensemble  My Name is John  
Spoonboy  My Generation  
Three Bad Jacks  Thrill Me  
Supervillains  The Way That I Like it  
Modest Mouse  Different City  
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?  
Zodiac Mindwarp  Prime Mover  


Long live college. Soon we'll be too old to do this and we'll fall asleep immediately after reruns of headbanger's ball and we'll snore too loudly and be told that we have sleep apnea and that we need to watch our cholesteral and then it will ALL be over.

...This is a testament to word association. Notice how the first few tracks relate to staying up, and from then on it's just a toss up? Yeah. That's called ADD. It's also called "This song totally just reminded me of..." and in the end, that is how a mix is born that truly captures the emotion in its title. Enjoy. And don't sleep.
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Date: 4/28/2011
This is such a great mix, very diverse. I love the transition from new wave to classic rock to soul and then on to rock, punk, etc. And Ted Leo? Holy crap. LOVE LOVE LOVE Ted Leo. Well done.
Date: 4/28/2011
I agree with Joes fanclub.Cool mix!Trish