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It Was The Worst Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times: January 2011

Artist Song
Sloane Ranger  Steamed Hams 
Dead to Me  Modern Muse 
The Clash  Safe European Home 
Bad Astronaut  Single 
Despistado  Magnetic Streetlights 
Slapstick  Almost Punk Enough 
Alkaline Trio  Fuck You, Aurora 
Small Brown Bike  A Declaration of Sorts 
Broadways  We'll Have A Party 
The Bomb  A Song For The Helenas 
Barrakuda McMurder  The Royal You 
Sig Transit Gloria  Song In F 
Hey Mercedes  It's Been A Blast 
Joyce Manor  Ashtray Petting Zoo 
Mixtapes  The Real Hotel California 
Piebald  Grace Kelly With Wings 


Basically I was depressed and hated everything in January this year, which you can tell by some of the tracks on here. Some of the songs are hopeful, and some of the songs just make me sad. The sample at the beginning is a clip that was recorded at Death To False Hope Records' 2 Year Anniversary Fest where Sloane Ranger of punknews/org summit fame asked a Target employee where he could find the steamed hams, which is a hilarious inside joke over at the summit