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A Taste Of My Taste

Artist Song
Against Me!  A Brief Yet Triumphant Intermission / ClichT Guevarra 
The Clash  Tommy Gun 
The Promise Ring  Forget Me 
NOFX  Whoops I OD'd 
Off With Their Heads  For The Four 
Paint It Black  Past Tense, Future Perfect 
The Flatliners  Count Your Bruises 
Marked Men  Ditch 
Jawbreaker  Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault 
Hot Water Music  Free Radio Gainesville 
The Weakerthans  Watermark 
Weezer  In The Garage 
Gunmoll  Couples Skate 
Jay Heart Montreal  Calender Days 
Mixtapes  Nothing Can Kill The Grimace 
Bad Astronaut  Single 
Kid Dynamite  Showoff 
Piebald  Just A Simple Plan 
The Pants Situation  Secret Island Song 
Neutral Milk Hotel  In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 


I made this for a chick I know who likes punk rock. I think she'd like it, but I'm not sure becuase I haven't given it to her. I think this was made in early March, 2011