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The Mix Where I Am Mad At Evrything. It Also Happens To Be The Second Mix I've Made This Spring

Artist Song
Coping  Croquet 
Black Flag  I've Had It 
Red Tape Parade  Less Van Damme More Darby Crash 
Caravels  Greenland 
Against Me!  The Politics Of Starving 
Beat Noir  Mine 
Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves  You Always Leave 
Brendan Kelly  Requiem Once Again Visited 
Piebald  Haven't Tried It 
Jawbreaker  Chemistry 
Samiam  Capsized 
Alkaline Trio  Enjoy Your Day 
O Pioneers!!!  Cool Kid City 
A Wilhelm Scream  The King Is Dead 
Off With Their Heads  Your Child Is Dead 
NOFX  Franco Un-American 
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists  Walking to Do 
Bomb the Music Industry!  Sorry, Brooklyn. Dancing Won't Solve Anything. 


This has a lot of songs that reflect recent feelings of mine. I basically hate everyone right now, so I made a slightly self-centered mix with lyrics I can relate to