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The Big 4 Of Thrash Metal

Artist Song
Anthrax  Be All, End All 
Anthrax  A.I.R. 
Anthrax  Madhouse 
Megadeth  Peace Sells 
Megadeth  Die Dead Enough 
Megadeth  Hangar 18 
Slayer  Hell Awaits 
Slayer  Bloodline 
Slayer  Chemical Warfare 
Slayer  Raining Blood 
Metallica  Battery 
Metallica  Enter Sandman 
Metallica  Hit The Lights 
Metallica  My Apocalypse  
Metallica  Am I Evil? 


The Big 4 are doing shows together. Bulgaria. California. and soon, The Bronx. At new Yankee Stadium. When I heard the news I was beyond shocked. All these awesome thrash bands in one place? At my favorite team's home stadium? Metallica in The Bronx? Wow. So I made this mix in this event's honor because I probably won't go to this show because 1. I don't live close to the area anymore. 2. too much money. I want to so bad though, believe me. The plan originally was 4 songs each by each big 4 band so it would be even but my plan was thwarted when I learned that I didn't have enough space on each disc. So what I did was give 3 songs a piece for the first two bands. 4 for Slayer and 4 for Metallica and 1 more Metallica song, though its a cover song that they do at the end of the Big 4 shows. So yeah, not even but that's due to space issues. I wanted my favorite songs by each band, recent songs, and their classics. One more thing, people like to say how corporate the Yankees organization is and how they are so conservative but look at how they are allowing Metallica AND these real metal bands to play at Yankee Stadium. Slayer at Yankee Stadium. Can that be anymore badass? I give the Yankees brass credit for going through with this. I love the Yanks and I love thrash metal and this is a combining of two strong passions of mine. I saw Slayer twice and I got to get Kerry King's autograph. I still need to see the other three bands. Metallica is my second favorite band ever.
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