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For A Moment Our Headlights Met And We Weren't Alone In The World

Artist Song
M83  Highway of Endless Dreams 
Slowdive  Catch the Breeze 
Cocteau Twins  Road, River And Rail 
7 Worlds Collide  Red Wine Bottle 
My Morning Jacket  Bermuda Highway 
Wilco  Kamera 
Boards of Canada  Driving Station 
Death Can for Cutie  Bixby Canyon Bridge 
The Mountain Goats  This Year 
Iggy Pop  The Passenger 
Smashing Pumpkins  1979 
Coldplay  Don't Panic 
The Decemberists  The Engine Driver 
Noah and the Whale  Blue Skies 
Local Natives  Airplanes 
Nick Drake  Three Hours 
Explosions In The Sky  What Do You Go Home To? 


For a cross-country drive into the sunset.
Spring 2011

"Oh, the passenger, he rides and he rides; he sees things from under glass, he looks through his windows eye, he sees things he knows are his, he sees the bright and hollow sky, he sees the city asleep at night, he sees the stars are out tonight, and all of it is yours and mine.."
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