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Addiction in the Summer Heat

Artist Song
Eels  Susan's Apartment  
Deftones  Wax and Wane  
The Clipse  Virginia (Lost Woods)  
Sebadoh  Rebound  
Barcelona  Please Don't Go  
Ducktails  Killin' the Vibe  
REM  Losing my Religion  
Beach Fossils  Vacation  
Massive Attack  Paradise Circus  


It's a strange strange life. Also: this is a public service announcement, When you have children, do not put them on adderall. Even when they're terrible, and you take them to a psychiatrist who says that they are a classic case of ADD: explore all of your options. Explore the actual root of the problem and apply solutions to fix it directly rather than gleefully allowing your child's body to become dependent on a chemical substance that does not allow them to separate themselves from their supposed "ailment." Everyday that they continue to take this medication their body becomes more and more reliant on the chemicals to micromanage the metabolism, the thought process, reactions to stimuli, and normal things like appetite and restful sleep so that without the help of the medication, these processes go haywire. Then this child four years later ends up like me, chain smoking and twitching and helplessly bed-ridden when my prescription runs out. There's no such thing as a classic case of ADD. It's a blanket statement for all kinds of people with all kinds of issues that greatly range in severity and cause. Despite my lack of medical know-how, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that drug dependence is not the solution for anyone. But that's just me, and thanks to 30mg of adderall everyday for four years, I can no longer manage my sleep schedule or my appetite/diet because my metabolism has come to a screeching halt from years of appetite suppressing and lack of restful sleep. It's also 97 fucking degrees outside. What is this shit. I forgot how much I hate summer in Virginia.
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