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Summer Soul Mix Vol. 3

Artist Song
Frank Wilson  Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) 
Little Ann  Who Are You Trying to Fool? 
The Impressions  Seven Years 
Syl Johnson  I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom 
The Crampton Sisters  Baby, Baby 
Baby Huey  Hard Times 
Darrell Banks  Open the Door to Your Heart 
The Flirtations  Nothing But a Heartache 
The Contours  Just a Little Misunderstanding 
Bobby Womack  Fly Me to the Moon 
Lil Bob  My Heart's on Fire 
David Ruffin  Mountains of Memories 
The Steeles  Get it from the Bottom 
The Impressions  My Woman's Love 
Curtis Mayfield  Think (Instrumental) 


Part 3/3. Curtis Mayfield is a Beatles-level genius in my book.


Date: 7/2/2011
I hope you have the original demo vinyl of track 1. It is one of the most valuable records ever.