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Get Me Out of Your Starry Eyes

Artist Song
The Flaming Groovies  Shake Some Action 
Protex  Don't Ring Me Up 
Wire  Outdoor Miner 
Sparks  Sherlock Holmes 
The Apartments  Help 
Big Star  Stroke it Noel 
The Shivvers  Teenline 
The Records  Starry Eyes 
The Wipers  Mystery 
Stiv Bators  Make up Your Mind 
Prefab Sprout  Ghost Town Blues 
The Nerves  When You Find Out 
St. Christopher  All of a Tremble 
The Nashville Ramblers  The Trains 
The Pretty Things  You Don't Believe Me 
Dwight Twilley  Looking for the Magic 
The Telegents  Seen it Before! 
The Dovers  What am I Going to Do? 
Peter and Gordon  Woman 


A power-poppy/punk/garagey upbeat mix for my lady friend.