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Transmission Dance Party

Artist Song
Godspeed You Black Emperor!  Providence (Part I (First 55 Seconds))  
DJ Spooky  Scientifik 
Radiohead  The National Anthem  
Les Savy Fav  Crawling Can Be Beautiful  
Firewater  Get Out Of My Head  
Charlatans UK  My Beautiful Friend  
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Red Eyes and Tears  
Angelo Badalementi  Red Bats With Teeth 
Fugazi  Cashout  
Gang of Four  Damaged Goods  
Joy Division  Transmission  
The Rapture  The Coming Of Spring  
The Cooper Temple Clause  A.I.M.  
Nine Inch Nails  My Violent Heart  
Autolux  Turnstyle Blues  


This is a mix I made a few years ago, title blatantly stolen from an actual dance party in Buffalo, NY.