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CD | Theme - Road Trip
Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock

Westbound on Interstate-80

Artist Song
Lese Majesty (NJ)  Onward Flour 
Mirah (PA)  Nobody Has to Stay 
Ramona Cordova (PA)  Chesser 
Jordan O'Jordan (OH)  Waverly, Ohio 
Ooga Booga (IN)  Will Work for Meat 
Shel Silverstein (IL)  Sick 
Eleanor Murray (IL)  November 
Coco Rosie (IA)  Not for Sale 
Elliott Smith (NE)  Thirteen 
J.P. Haynie (UT)  Candy 
Drew Danburry (UT)  I Thought All My Girl Problems Would Go Away When I Turned Gay 
Las Vegas Club (NV)  In the Company of Friends 
Jacob Smigel (NV)  Half-imagined World 
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (CA)  Toby, Take a Bow 
20,000 (CA)  California 


For secret mixtape society thing. Bands from every state along I-80 except Wyoming because straight up there's like no music in that place.
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