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Artist Song
The Bolshoi  Razzle Dazzle 
The Appleseed Cast  Ceremony  
The Transmissions  My World 
Veil Veil Vanish  The Wilderness 
The XX  Stars  
Broken Bells  October  
Kings of Leon  Birthday  
Adorable  Glorious 
Placebo  Wouldn't It Be Good ( Nik Kershaw cover) 
Neverending White Lights  The Living  
All Shall Be Well  There Will Always Be At Least a Thousand Things You Dont't Know 
ThouShaltNot  Reborn 
The Doves  Sky Starts Falling 
Peter Murphy  I Spit Roses  
Say Anything  Do Better  
The Asteroids   The Golden Age 
The Smashing Pumpkins  Today 
The Pillows  Last Dinosaur 


It's my birthday! And I made this birthday mix for myself. This year I strayed a little from my usual formula( birthday songs, songs with "October" as a theme or a title, or songs released in the past twelve months) and themed it around dinosaurs. I am feeling old, I guess. Despite the hodgepodge of ideas and many, many last minute changes it has a nice flow to it. Note: Track 3 is the song used in the Deux Ex: Human Revolution commercial; It's so haunting and beautiful I had to include it!
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Date: 10/10/2011
Happy birthday! Nice opening track selection, too -- perfect for a birthday mix, in that uneasy almost-melancholy aging way.