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RECEPTION OF REGRET: Summer 2007 (Part One)

Artist Song
Velvet Underground  Venus in Furs  
The Shins  Caring is Creepy  
Coheed and Cambria  Velorium Camper I: Faint of Hearts  
Coheed and Cambria  Devil in Jersey City  
The Weakerthans  Watermark  
Coheed and Cambria  The Faint of Heart (acoustic)  
Spinal Tap  Hell Hole  
Miles Davis  Summertime  
Meatloaf  Two Out of Three Ain't Bad  
Nirvana  Lake of Fire  
Jimmi Hendrix  Voodoo Child  


At my college, we have an event called "The Reception of Regret," in which students read or present journal entries, songs, poetry, art, etc. from their youth that is hyperbolic, ridiculous, somewhat embarassing, god awful, and/or hilarious. I read through my journal from Summer 2007 recently and decided to create a mix using all of the musical references I made and playlists that I made myself in the journal during that time. It's nice to harken back to what I was listening to then. I have and always will maintain that I had great taste in music in my youth. My musical preference was the thing least wrong with me. I still have great taste. Always have. That's just innate. You're born with good taste. I'm a braggart. The rest of the journal was depressing and ridiculous, but I'm glad that I made so many references to music. All things considered, I was probably an alright kid. This is part one. Part two is a mix with a title that I wrote in the journal. In part three, the references continue with the dates where upon they were mentioned in the journal. Part four is another mix I made, and part five the references continue again. Honestly, I'm making this for my own benefit. Enjoy, or don't.
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