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Reception of Regret: Summer 2007 (PART 3 AND PART FOUR: "Redeemer" [for the sake of space])

Artist Song
Queen  Radio Gaga  
Lola Ray  Crumble  
The Umbrellas  City Lights  
The Hollies  Bus Stop  
Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody  
Bob Marley and the Wailers  No Woman No Cry  
Coheed and Cambria  Three Evils  
Lynyrd Skynyrd  Free Bird  
Ghosthustler  Parking Lot Nights  
Tegan and Sara  So Jealous  


Aaaand more of the same. Unfortunately, there were only the three disembodied tracks between the two playlists, so here I lumped them together. Obviously, it's messier than I would have otherwise liked it to be, but I didn't want to post a three song playlist. Part four's title makes significantly more sense than does part two's.
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