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I didn't want everything, I just wanted something.

Artist Song
Gavin DeGraw  Glass  
Adele  Melt My Heart to Stone  
Electrelane  Cut and Run  
Hanson  Get Out of My Heart 
Hanson  Me, Myself, and I 
Christina Perri   Bluebird  
Rilo Kiley  Silver Lining  
Slow Runner  Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together  
Lex Land  As Much As You Lead  
No Doubt  Don't Speak  
Everclear   Now That It's Over 
Zee Avi  Concrete Wall  
Third Eye Blind  Water Landing  
Anjulie  When It's Love  
Griffen House  Tell Me a Lie 
Shawn Hayes  Fucked Me Right Up 
Aimee Allen  On Vacation  
Avett Brothers  I Would Be Sad 
Duffy  Too Hurt To Dance  
Zee Avi  Someone You Used to Know 
Florence + the Machine  Hurricane Drunk  


He hurt me.
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Date: 11/2/2011
what happened?