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Who the Fuck are Asian Dub Foundation?

Side A
Artist Song
R.E.M  Losing My Religion 
Wilco  Can't Stand It  
Last Night  The Strokes 
Electioneering  Radiohead 
Rape Me  Nirvana 
The Season  Dodos 
Side B
Dramamine  Modest Mouse 
Car  Built To Spill 
Two Headed Boy Part 2  Neutral Milk Hotel 
Range Life  Pavement 
U-mass  Pixies 
I'm A Cuckoo  Belle And Sebastian 


I made this for The school Gym as Everybody Hates Kiss FM. I chose the first few songs because they're easy to listen to, nobody will hate it and it wont get thrown out of the window, after that it gets a bit better. Don't get me wrong - love REM, but Out of Time is the album everybody loves. Got to have a bit of popular stuff on the mix.
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