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Break Up Mix 4

Artist Song
New Found Glory  My Friend's Over You  
Emmure  10 Signs You Should Leave  
Five Finger Death Punch  The Bleeding  
Theory Of A Deadman  Bitch Came Back 
Slipknot  Snuff  
The Casualties  Punk Rock Love  
Mudvayne  Happy  
Bruno Mars  Grenade  
Eminem  No Love  
Rolling Stones  Satisfaction 
A Day To Remember  Since U Been Gone 
Cee Lo Green  Fuck You  
Bleeding Through  Kill To Believe  
Three Days Grace  Just Like You  
Drake  Marvin's Room  
Atreyu  Bleeding Mascara  
Pantera  This Love  
Metallica  The Unforgiven  
Dr. Dre  Bitches Ain't Shit 


Lots ot get to so hear me out. This is probably the easiest mix I have put together in a long time. This took maybe a few days to put the songs together and choose songs. Why? Well, I have been having some lady troubles lately. No, I didn't actually go through a break up but I feel this collection of songs needs to be put in the pantheon of my past break up mixes. Basically I tried to date this girl I though liked me she broke 3 of our dates, with only 1 as a good reason. Not only that but on Sunday at the event we both chose to do, she brought lots of her friends, flirted with some of them right in front of me, and basically acted like she didn't even know me when she showed up, despite the fact that she told me she was gonna meet me there. This was in front of my friends too. She not only fucked me over, but she made it hurt even more. As a result, right now I have actual chest pain that is only happening around my heart area. This is true. She may be the only girl to actually make my heart hurt for real. Since Sunday, I have been in pretty jarring pain. So much so that I chose to go to both a pharmacist and a doctor to have this checked out. The only solace I can take from this is I tried hard to make her mine and that I chose to be with my friends over being with her at her house one night. It turned out to be the right call. She's spineless and petty and mean and cruel and rude and shitty and a total fake.
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