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A howl, a gasp

Side A
Artist Song
Portal  Glurmurphonel 
Xasthur  Dwelling Beneath The Woods  
Striborg  Garmonbozia 
Menace Ruine  Dove Instinct  
Vegas Martyrs  Acomprosate 
Skin Graft  Affront 
Gorgoroth  Destroyer 
Bone Awl  It's All Death 
Dead Times  Procession 
Side B
Modv├Ět  Yatr Mazagvatre Erbbedrez 
fire island, AK  Terror From Beyond The Stars 
Current 93  The God Of Sleep Has His House  
FFH  Concrete Angel 
Whorebutcher  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 


The awesome lady I know in Fairbanks made me this super dope necklace out of chain, wire, and a small wishbone. She gave me a wish! Then she asked if we could do a tape trade. DUH. She's totally artsy and brutal. Her car (she sold it for $150) has a ram skull painted on the hood in white. The whole thing is matte black and a total death mobile; pentagrams scrawled on the interior roof, busted everything, no radio.
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