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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

Walkin' On The Sun

Artist Song
Smash Mouth  Walkin On The Sun  
Smash Mouth  Padrino  
Smash Mouth  Then The Morning Comes  
Smash Mouth  Can't Get Enough Of You Baby  
Nazarath  Love Hurts 
Three Days Grace  I Hate Everything About You  
Puddle Of Mudd  She Hates Me 
Nerf Herder  Van Halen  
Nerf Herder  Pantera Fans In love  
Nerf Herder  High School 
Nerf Herder  New Jersey Girl  
Nerf Herder  Sorry  
Nerf Herder  Courtney  
Nerf Herder  I Got A Boner For Christmas  
Nerf Herder  Nosering Girl  
Nerf Herder  Pervert  
Nerf Herder  Don't Hate Me 
Nerf Herder  Welcome To My World  
Nerf Herder  5000 Ways To Die  
Alanis Morrisette   You Oughta Know 
Cake  Comfort Eagle  
Cake  Never There  
Blind Melon  No Rain  
Green Day  We Are The Champions 


A lot I could say but I will go the Hatebreed route: What I have in my heart I will take to my grave. Also, I don't need you anymore. Dumb bitch.
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