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ESTA GRABACION (a falta de algo mejor)

Artist Song
Moenia  Mßtenme Porque Me Muero (Caifanes cover) 
Moenia  Llegaste A Mf  
Ana Torroja  Como Suen~an Las Sirenas  
Enrique Bunbury  Lady Blue 
Heroes del Silencio  La Espuma De Venus 
Los Amantes de Lola  Mama 
Caifanes   Antes De Que Nos Olviden 
Caifanes   Los Dioses Ocultos 
Jaguares   Por Un Beso 
Mana  Te Llore Un Rio 
Mana  Oye Mi Amor 
NosotrSsh  Mis Mu±ecas 
Hombres G   Polvos Pica Pica 
Los Amantes De Lola   Beber De Tu Sangre 
Elefante  Angel 
Heroes del Silencio  Iberia sumergida 
Soda Estereo  De Musica Ligera 


When I was a child, growing up while traveling through Central America, I swore to my mom, who is Puerto Rican, and a to few other folks as well, that I could never get into 'music in Spanish'. It was not so much the sound and definitely not the language; I just could not find any songs that spoke to me. Over the years (and thanks in part, also, to my soul mate) I have come across many, many proverbial 'diamonds in the rough'. I don't know if if that's an accurate descriptor, as these artist make up a measurable percentage of my music collection. I do have a broad taste in music, but sufficed to say these artist are NOT an anomaly in my collection. I decided to make this mix as part of a Christmas gift to my mom.
Note: this is my first mix as a gift to a family memeber.

For the sake of being myself ( my family knows what I mean by this), I arranged the anthology, loosely, from a less traditional sound to more of what they were used to and then back again. The mix is a bit broader than "spanish goth' or 'rock en espa±ol' , and as hard to describe now as it would have been for the 6 year old version of me; you'll just have to look up some of these songs and hear for yourself.

Notable omission: Aleks Syntek's 'Sexo Pudor y Lßgrimas'. It didn't fit, physically and metaphorically. I like that song a lot but , despite that its sound and lyrics are just not my style ( tho I thought my parents would have enjoyed it)
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Date: 3/5/2012
hey! it's nice to see some music in spanish in this site! :)