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Even Sam Knows, Ryan Adams Loves - A Woman that Rains

Artist Song
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals  Twenty-Nine [live] (w/ Beautiful Sorta fake-out intro) 
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals  Come Pick Me Up [live] 
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals  Hickory Wind [live] 
Ryan Adams  When The Stars Go Blue [live] 
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals  Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) [live] 
Ryan Adams  Famous Eyes 
Ryan Adams  English Girls Approximately  
Ryan Adams  Cannonball Days 
Ryan Adams  Oh My God, Whatever, Etc. [KCRW] 
Ryan Adams  Firecracker [acoustic] 
Ryan Adams  Miss Sunflower 
Ryan Adams  Gimme Sunshine [live] 
Ryan Adams  Chin Up, Cheer Up  
Ryan Adams  Let it Ride 
Ryan Adams  I Taught Myself How to Grow Old  
Ryan Adams  Oh My Sweet Carolina [live/acoustic] 
Ryan Adams  Hickory Wind [live/acoustic] 


Just like Dylan, there's a Ryan Adams song for your every mood. I was feeling these seventeen uplifting gems.