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So In My Bedroom In Those Ugly New Houses--May 22, 2012

Side A
Artist Song
Smiths  The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 
These Things Take Time 
I Don't Owe You Anything 
Accept Yourself 
You've Got Everything Now (Hatful of Hollow) 
This Night Has Opened My Eyes 
Back to the Old House (Hatful of Hollow) 
Still Ill 
Girl Afraid 
The Headmaster Ritual 
Rusholme Ruffians 
Shakespeare's Sister 
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want 
Side B
Smiths  I Want The One I Can't Have 
Bigmouth Strikes Again 
Rubber Ring 
Cemetry Gates 
Sweet and Tender Hooligan 
Half A Person 
Death of A Disco Dancer 
Paint A Vulgar Picture 
The Queen Is Dead (extended version) 
I Won't Share You 


Morrissey's 53rd birthday. Annual best of Smiths/Morrissey mix. This year is all Smiths. I set a rule of not repeating any songs from the two previous mixes and mostly succeeded. I tried to go chronologically in order of when the songs were written. Thanks Mozipedia.
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