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BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD: Uhhhhhh, this Sucks

Artist Song
Toni Basil  Mickey {these cheerleaders are fat!} 
Public Image  Rise 
James  Say Something  
The Mission  Like a Child Again {WHEN I'M WITH YOUUU} 
Army of Lovers  Crucify {if I had boobs like that, I'd never leave the house} 
Stakka-Bo  Here We Go {Ace of Base sucks...} 
Morrissey  November Spawned a Monster {He's trying to hump a rock....} 
Blur  Park Life 
Pavement  Rattled by the Rush  
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult  Blue Buddha 
The Cure  Caterpillar  
Depeche Mode  I Feel You {Don't feel me, dude!!} 
INXS  Devil Inside  
U2  Numb {It should be called dumb} 
Ratt  I Want a Woman {these chicks look like real sluts} 
Accept  Balls to the Wall {Look at this guy's face!!} 
Wang Chung  Everybody Have Fun Tonight {heh heh, he's Wang Chunging} 
Trashcan Sinatras  Hay Fever  
Matthew Sweet  Superdeformed  
Krokus  School's Out  


If you watched B&B as much as I did, you know that most of the videos they didn't like were REALLY bad & hold nothing more than comic value. I do like most of these songs, but you have to admit it's hilarious to watch the videos get ripped apart. However, these songs are forever ruined cuz all I can do is laugh now. You gotta luv the Morrissey track, though :-D BTW, in case you didn't know or forgot, those ARE {comments} they used in those videos... & no, I didn't have to replay, as they'll ALWAYS be fresh in my mind ;-)
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