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All Bad Words

Artist Song
The Books  That Right Ain't Shit 
Carissa's Wierd  Ignorant Piece of Shit 
Death Cab For Cutie  Face that Launched 1000 Shits 
Flying Lotus  Zodiac Shit 
Gold Panda  I Suppose I Should Say 'thanks' Or Some Shit 
Placebo  Brick Shithouse 
Jay-Z  That's My Bitch 
The American Analog Set  Punk As Fuck 
Oasis  Fuckin' in the Bushes 
Rafter  No Fucking Around 
Robyn  Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do 
Farmers Market  To Hell And Baku 
Tricky  Hell Is Round The Corner 


Shit, Bitch, Fuck, Hell. Did not give a damn, apparently.