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CD | Hip Hop/Rap - Hardcore Rap

Driving Mix 93

Artist Song
Metallica  The Wait 
Overkill  Ironbound  
Pantera  Live In A Hole  
Motorhead  Fire, Fire live 
Motorhead  Bite The Bullet 
Eminem  Same Song and Dance  
Eminem  Steve Berman skit  
Dr. Dre  Housewife  
Beastie Boys  Skills To Pay The Bills  
Beastie Boys  Crawlspace  
Beastie Boys  We Got The  
P.O.S.  Drumroll  
Leftover Crack  Interlude 
Leftover Crack  Crack City Rockers  
Municipal Waste  Beer Pressure  
Municipal Waste  Lunch Hall Food Brawl  
Death Threat  Hard To Find  
Left Alone  La Pregunta  
Left Alone  I Hate Emo  
The Exposed  Rebel City Rockers  
Van Halen  Atomic Punk  
311  Rock On  
Bruce Springsteen  Born In The USA  


93. I felt like doing more driving mixes either out of sheer compulsion or sheer necessity. I gotta get to 100! Well, this sort of concept is my bag.
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