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Super Cheesy Dance Hits for Rozemarijn

Artist Song
Foxy  Tena's Song  
Fantastic Plastic Machine  L'aventure Fantastique 
Hi-Posi  You Are My Music  
Andreas Dorau und Die Marinas  Fred Vom Jupiter 
Pizzicato Five  Tout, Tout Pour ma Cherie 
Yukari Fresh  Yukarin' Disco  
David Shire  Manhattan Skyline  
Lio  Amoureux Solitaire  
Kristy & Jimmy McNichol  Hot Tunes 
Takako Minekawa  Fantastic Cat  
The Andrea True Connection  More, More, More 
Monsoon  Ever So Lonely  
Pizzicato Five  Arigato We Love You 
The Bee Gees  Jive Talkin' 
The Go! Team  Bottle Rocket  
Arling, Cameron & Swarte  Tokyo Taxi Robot 
Collette  Samba De Sunny Side Up 
Hilly Michaels  Something On Your Mind  


Rozemarijn and I have nothing in common culturally speaking. She's into cheesy synth pop, goth shit, Johnny Depp and shopping with her gay friends. She does however like to dance, and so do I. You do the math..
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Date: 7/8/2012
That pic is kinda freakin me out...