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Right On!

Side A
Artist Song
Sly & The Family Stone  Stand! 
Black Merda  Cynthy Ruth 
Cymande  Dove  
Mandrill  Git It All  
Shuggie Otis  Ice Cold Daydream  
Man Child Singers  Right On! 
Jackie Mittoo  Ghetto Organ  
Natural Bridge Bunch  Pig Snoots  
Oscar Brown Jr.   Chicken Heads 
Bernard Purdie  Hap'nin  
Death  Views  
Abner Jay  The Reason Young People Use Drugs 
Side B
Jimi Hendrix  May This Be Love?  
Nina Simone  I'm Gonna Leave You  
Chi-Lites  Have You Seen Her?  
Wendy Rene  Bar-B-Q  
Lafayette Afro Rock Band  Hihache  
Betty Davis  Don't Call Her No Tramp  
Ovinson Cornielle & Black Santiagos  Vinon So Minson 
Miles Davis  One and One  
Stevie Wonder  For Once In My Life  
Althea & Donna  Uptown Top Ranking  
Culture  Black Starliner Must Come  
Sidney Carter  Worried Now, Wont Be Worried Long