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Halloween Mix #5 - 2009

Artist Song
Nosferatu  Wiccaman  
Adam Ant  Vampires  
Oingo Boingo  Dead Man's Party  
The Cramps  I Was a Teenage Werewolf  
Stone Temple Pilots  Dead & Bloated 
Marilyn Manson  Rock is Dead  
Queens of the Stone Age  Song for the Dead  
The Cranberries  Zombie  
Type O Negative  Dead Again  
Faith No More  Surprise! You're Dead  
Misfits  Horror Business 
HIM  Vampire Heart  
Rob Zombie  American Witch  
Leaether Strip  Vampire Hunter 


This also started as remnants of a "Dead & Dying" theme mix (as did 2005's mix), but that got a little monotonous... so I tried mixing it up a little with some more Halloween theme titles. I like the previous year's mix more, but this one has some good ones; particularly the Noseferatu, Type O, STP, & Cranberries tracks (I can never really get tired of "Zombie").


Darth Pazuzu
Date: 10/19/2012
I like the holiday motif here a lot! My favorite tracks here are the ones from STP, QOTSA, FNM and Zombie! (I actually used Rob Zombie's "American Witch" on one of my own Halloween mixes.) Kudos!