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Halloween Mix #6 - 2010

Artist Song
Leaether Strip  Evil Speaks 
Misfits  Dig Up Her Bones 
Lords of the New Church  Lil Boys Play With Dolls  
The Cramps  What's Behind the Mask  
Nosferatu  Vampyres Cry  
Alice in Chains  Sick Man 
Marilyn Manson  If I Was Your Vampire  
Combichrist  Blut Royale  
Nine Inch Nails  The Becoming  
Rob Zombie  Dragula  
Ministry  You Know What You Are  
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult  Resisting the Spirit 
Alien Sex Fiend  She's a Killer  
Type O Negative  Blood & Fire (Out of the Ashes Mix) 
Gary Numan  RIP  


See mixes #1-5... & you'll know what to expect here ;-) Lots of ghoulish titles, goth/metal/alt bands mixed together that get played a little too often in October *insert evil laugh*. My favorite tracks here are LOTNC & Type O (what's a Halloween mix without Type O?!). The ones by AIC, NIN & Ministry have some of the scariest moments/sound effects that I could think of, particularly with the vocals.