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Gangster Mix

Artist Song
Mobb Deep  Shook Ones Pt 2  
Scarface  Scarface quote 
Mobb Deep  Survival Of The Fittest  
Mobb Deep  Quiet Storm  
Goodfellas  Goodfellas quote 
Big Pun  Beware 
Big Pun, Fat Joe  Twinz 98 
Goodfellas  Goodfellas quote 
Wu Tang Clan  Triumph 
Casino  Casino quote 
Wu Tang Clan  Ain't Nothing To Fuck With 
Wu Tang Clan  Tearz 
Onyx  Last Dayz  
Chino XL  Lyrical jesus 
Notorious BIG  Unbelievable  
Tim Dog  Fuck Compton  
Dr. Dre, Snoop  Fuck With Dre Day 
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg  Bitches Ain't Shit 
movie sample  movie sample 
Ice Cube  Wicked  
Heat movie  Heat movie quote 
Ice Cube  Pushin Weight  
Casino   Casino quote 
Coolio  Gangsta's Paradise  


After a somewhat long hiatus, I am back on here. I found out there was some past mixes that have yet to be be posted on here. Thi mix was made at least 2 years ago to marriage my love of gangsta movies and gangsta rap. They do tend to overlap. This was slapped together pretty quickly so I'm sure I can improve on it.
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