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Cassette | Alternative - College Rock
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Side A
Artist Song
Alice Coltrane  Blue Nile  
Mountain Man  Sewee, Sewee  
Sonic Youth  Little Trouble Girl  
Judee Sill  Crayon Angels  
Yoko Ono  What Did I Do! 
David Bowie  Heroes  
Brian Eno  China, My China  
Lumerians  Untitled #2 
Disappears  All Gone White (Live) 
Catacombz  Moon Dawg 
Cave  Made In Malaysia  
Trans Am  Don't Bundle Me  
Side B
Low  Little Argument With Myself  
Gillian Welch  The Way It Will Be  
Ida  Maybelle  
Upsetters  Dub Message 
The Flames  Water Your Garden  
Joan Of Arc  God Bless America 
Deep Time  Clouds 
Flaming Lips  When You Smile 
Broken Water  Coming Down 
Lower Dens  Candy  
Wooden Shjips  Flight  
Miles Davis  John McLaughlin