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i dream a little bit about the chance of seeing you again

Artist Song
playradioplay!  i'm afraid there's a hole in my brain 
jenny owen youngs  great big plans 
the format  she doesn't get it 
james morrison  the first cut is the deepest (live) 
hello, astronaut  my best friend 
foster the people  miss you 
this providence  somebody to talk to 
the academy is...  40 steps 
kids in glass houses  the morning afterlife 
lower than atlantis  another sad song 
emery  the curse of perfect days 
funeral for a friend  streetcar 


for my bestfriend and my most favorite person in the entire world. i haven't seen you in a long, long while and i probably wouldn't for a long, long time.

i'm so lost. i don't know what i feel for you. and that really sucks. we need to talk.

i carry this mix with me all the time, in case i run into you.

2020 update:
i've lost the mix. never ran into her. eventually learned to get a hold of myself.