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Scarf Lady and Garlic Eye (or: some of the love songs I like best and I'm so upthapunx and stuff)

Side A
Artist Song
Mark Lind & The Unloved  New Year's Day 
Alkaline Trio  Nose Over Tail  
Guttermouth  Pee in the Shower  
Neutral Milk Hotel  i love how you love me (phil spector cover) 
Whiskey Rebels  The Streets Gave you to me  
Bad Brains  Stay Close to Me  
Aquabats  Red Sweater! 
The Queers  From Your Boy  
Tiger Army  Cupid's Victim  
Jawbreaker  Chesterfield King  
The Raincoats  Adventures Close to Home  
TSOL  Undressed 
NoFX  Falling in Love 
The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die  Gordon Paul 
X Ray Spex  Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! 
Cap'n Jazz  Little League  
The Promise Ring  Size of Your Life  
Sebadoh  I Love to Fight 
Texas is the Reason  Back and to the Left 
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  I'll be There 
Side B
The Ground is Lava  You'd Rather Ride Your Bike 


These are some of my favorite love songs, but I've excluded the REALLY sappy ones so that this mix will be closer to tolerable for the purpose of playing all the way through and not being like "get me a puke bucket" less than halfway through. "Love songs" is a loosely used term.
But yeah. This is for someone special.
(Ew, subcategory romantic. I mean, it's true, I just don't like how that sounds.)
(Art: "Cardinal Couple" by Ryan Berkley)

UPDATE: This was a gift for someone else, so all the notes are directed at them. Even though we aren't a "thing" anymore I still like this mix and I think it would be silly to delete all the heartfelt notes just because they no longer apply. It's not really a big deal. It's pretty whatever.
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