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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression

Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 02 / 48

Artist Song
The Nashville Ramblers  Trains 
Anthony & The Sophomores  Play Those Oldies, Mr. Dee Jay 
W.L. Horning  Rockin' and Rollin' 
Hello  New York Groove  
Felix Figueroa and His Orchestra  Pico and Sepulveda 
Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers  1993 
Lou Busch  Zambesi  
D Generation  Feel Like Suicide 
Bowser & Blue  Polka Dot Undies  
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps  B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go 
Gary U.S. Bonds  Seven Day Weekend  
Andre Brasseur  Telstar 
Motorhead  Ace of Spades 
Ok Go  Here it Goes Again 
Heinz  Live it Up 
They Might Be Giants  How Can I Sing Like a Girl?  
Rodriguez  I Wonder  
Malcolm McLaren  Double Dutch  
Rene Hall  Twitchy 
Racey  Kitty 
The Forces Of Evil  Dance the Night Away 
Buddy Holly  Rock Me My Baby  
Beck  Gamma Ray  
The Magnetic Fields  When My Boy Walks Down the Street  
Johnny Cash  God's Gonna Cut You Down  
The Possum Hollow Boys  My Home is in Chicago (But My Heart's in Tennessee)  
Tonio K.  Without Love 


Disc 02 / 48 of Timothology: Strange Aeons, the current iteration of a mixtape set generally containing English language pop and rock music 1955-2000 or so. I started making Timothology tapes in 1996 and with a CD burner the project has gone from futuristic to retro without me doing anything in particular to head in either direction.

Disc 02 is a mixtape made up entirely of songs never used on any other iteration of the Timothology going back to 1996. The song "1993" is going to be really amusing to people who knew me and my musical tastes back in 1993.