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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression

Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 03 / 48

Artist Song
Tom Tall  Stack-a-Records 
Devo  Post Post-Modern Man 
The Syndicats  Crawdaddy Simone 
Jonathan Richman  Fender Stratocaster 
The Ramones  I Wanna Be Sedated 
The Knack  My Sharona 
The Spitballs  Telstar 
The Rivieras  California Sun 
Big Daddy  Safety Dance 
The Crickets  I Fought the Law 
The Cars  You Might Think 
Brewer & Shipley  One Toke Over the Line 
Great Big Sea  Run Runaway 
The Coasters  Yakety Yak 
A-BOYS  Brickfield Nights 
Billy Idol  Dancing With Myself 
The Ventures  Walk, Dont Run '64 
Jimmy Dean  Big Bad John 
The Raveonettes  My Boyfriend's Back 
Those Darn Accordions  Deathbed Confession 
Sgt. Bilk's Krazy Combo  This Thing 
Sweet  Blockbuster 
Taj Mahal  Six Days on the Road 
Sounds Incorporated  Hall of the Mountain King 
The Chords  Maybe Tomorrow 
The Adverts  Gary Gilmore's Eyes 
Nervous Norvus  The Fang 
Riot Squad  Scary Picture Show 
The Bluestars  Social End Product 


Disc 03 / 48 of Timothology: Strange Aeons, the current iteration of a mixtape set generally containing English language pop and rock music 1955-2000 or so. I started making Timothology tapes in 1996 and with a CD burner the project has gone from futuristic to retro without me doing anything in particular to head in either direction.

Disc 03 has no overarching theme. Enjoy!