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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Depression

Timothology: Strange Aeons Disc 05 / 48

Artist Song
Steve Earle  Satellite Radio 
The Clash  This Is Radio Clash 
The Outlaws  Smoke Signals 
Tex Williams  Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph, Tell a Woman 
Wall Of Voodoo  Mexican Radio 
Steve Fisk  Donna Summer on the Radio 
Kursaal Flyers  Television Generation 
The Bomboras  Hot Line (album version) 
Reunion  Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) 
Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos  Sputnik (Satellite Girl) 
The Rebelaires  Satellite Rock 
The Blasters  Border Radio 
The Hooters  Satellite 
Billy Bragg  A New England 
Rose DuBats  Signals From Saturn 
Susanna Hoffs  Wishing on Telstar 
Skip Stanley  Satellite Baby 
Queen  Radio Ga Ga 
Teresa Brewer  Satellite (Spinning Around) 
The Ramones  Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio? 
Carl Mann  Satellite No. 2 
The Ska-Dows  Telstar 
Devo  Big Mess 
Ray Sawyer  Rockin' Satellite 
Tito Larriva  Radio Head (movie version) 
The Buggles  Video Killed the Radio Star 


Disc 05 / 48 of Timothology: Strange Aeons, the current iteration of a mixtape set generally containing English language pop and rock music 1955-2000 or so. I started making Timothology tapes in 1996 and with a CD burner the project has gone from futuristic to retro without me doing anything in particular to head in either direction.

Disc 05 is my salute to telecommunications technology, with a nod to the past. Every song is named for or is about some kind of communications technology--radio, television, satellites, telegraphs or smoke signals (so I could sneak a Joe Meek track in).