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Celebration of the Songs that won the West

Artist Song
Led Zeppelin  LA Drone  
Led Zeppelin  Rock And Roll  
Led Zeppelin  Immigrant Song  
Led Zeppelin  Heartbreaker  
Led Zeppelin  The Song Remains The Same  
Led Zeppelin  Trampled Under Foot  
Led Zeppelin  No Quarter  
Led Zeppelin  For Your Life  
Led Zeppelin  Stairway To Heaven  
Led Zeppelin  Dancing Days  
Led Zeppelin  Kashmir  
Led Zeppelin  Black Dog  
Led Zeppelin  Whole Lotta Love  


The full title as of now is: Celebration Of the Songs that won the West: Led Zeppelin live 1976-2007. On a whim not long ago I decide to make an homage cd to the high points, favorites, and best performances of the three released Led Zeppelin live cds. This is my best attempt but for space and lenth reasons some songs are not on here cause they are too long. Songs like that include Days and Confused and Moby Dick and Bring It On Home. Space not being an issue, they would be on here.
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