Dave Friedrich

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CD | Rock - Death Metal/Black Metal
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Playlist | Mixed Genre

6 the Third

Artist Song
Swans  The Wolf  
Wormed  Geodesic Dome  
Defeated Sanity  Lusting For Transcendence  
Ulcerate  Cold Becoming  
Einsturzende Neubauten  Krieg In Den Stadten 
Incantation  Golgotha  
Mortician  Barbaric Cruelties  
Suffocation  Mass Obliteration  
Uphill Battle  Crawl Space  
Withered  Within Your Grief  
Secret Chiefs 3  Combat For The Angel  
Downfall of Gaia  Odium 
Alchemist  Unfocused  
Latitudes  Shapeshifting  
Lantlos  These Nights Were Ours 
Pallbearer  Given To The Grave  
Thor  I'm Thor