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Wilco: You & I

Artist Song
Wilco  War on War  
Wilco & Billy Bragg  Secret of the Sea 
Wilco & Billy Bragg  Someday Some Morning, Sometime 
Wilco  Jesus, Etc.  
Wilco & Billy Bragg  California Stars 
Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy  You're Not Alone 
Wilco & Billy Bragg  When the Roses Bloom Again 
Wilco  I'm the Man Who Loves You  
Wilco  The Thanks I Get  
Wilco  Pot Kettle Black  
Wilco  At Least That's What You Said  
Wilco  Hell is Chrome  
Wilco  Hummingbird  
Wilco  Handshake Drugs  
Wilco  She's A Jar  
Wilco  How To Fight Loneliness  
Wilco & Feist  You & I 
Wilco  Summer Teeth  
Wilco  Pieholden Suite  
Wilco  Rhythm (Cars Can't Escape) 
Wilco  Venus Stop The Train 
Wilco  Sometimes It Happens  
Wilco  Kamera  
Wilco  Heavy Metal Drummer  
Wilco  I Might  
Wilco  Open Mind  
Wilco  Let Me Come Home 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags  
Wilco  Poor Places  
Wilco  Reservations  


It's always changing but this is a playlist of my favorite Wilco songs for the moment. It started with "Someday Some Morning, Sometimes" and it's still growing.
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