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Little Lights Songs

Artist Song
Concordia Publishing House  Romans 10:9 - confess and believe 
Go Fish  Saved 
Groupmusic  Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5:16) 
Elizabeth Mitchell  This Little Light of Mine 
Steve Green  The Fruit of the Spirit 
Dana Dirksen  P - Patient; I Th. 5:14 
Music Machine  Patience (Herbert the Snail) 
Sovereign Grace Music  Gotta Wait 
Shannon Mocabee  Be at Peace With Everyone 
Hope Giacone  Peace 
Sovereign Grace Music  Peace 
Steve Green  Give Thanks to the Lord 
Hope Giacone  Goodness 
Sovereign Grace Music  Good and Gracious 
Matt Grindstaff  Joy 
Lynne Douglas  We Are Filled With Joy 
Sovereign Grace Music  Joy 
Wonder Kids  Be Kind Every Day (1 Thessalonians 5:15) 
Hope Giacone  Kindness 
Rick Altizer  Got To Be Kind 
Lindsay Loris  Love 
Groupmusic  Love Each Other (John 15:12) 
Joey Walker  Let Us Love 
Lindsay Loris  Self-Control 
Steve Green  I Can Do All Things - Philippans 4:13 
Sovereign Grace Music  Give Me Self-Control 
Lindsay Loris  Faithful 
Groupmusic  All His Promises (Psalm 145:13b) 
Sovereign Grace Music  Make Me Faithful 
Bumpkin Bros.  Phil 4-5 Says 


Songs for our mommy and me group