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Punk And Cover

Artist Song
Baked Beans  Karma Chameleon(Culture Club Cover) 
Pennywise  Downunder(Men at Work Cover) 
NOFX  I Want You To Want Me(Cheap Trick Cover) 
Atari's  I Remember You(Skid Row Cover) 
Limbeck  I Want it That Way(BackStreet Boys Cover) 
Uranium 55  You Spin Me Right Round(Dead or Alive Cover) 
Alien Antfarm  Smooth Criminal(Michael Jackson Cover) 
Jughead's Revenge  Talk Dirty to Me(Poison Cover) 
Warp 9  I'll Make Love to You(Boys 2 Men Cover) 
The Bates  Billie Jean(Michael Jackson Cover) 
Bracket  My Boyfriends Back(I have no idea who the original artist of this song is) 
??????  Still the One(Shania Twain Cover) 
Goldfinger  Time After Time(Cyndi Lauper Cover) 
SNUFF  I Think We're Alone Now(Tiffany Cover) 
Pennywise  Stand By Me(Ben E. King) 
Me First and the Gimme Gimme's  Don't Cry For Me Argentina(Madonna Cover) 
Killer Barbies  Downtown(Petula Clark Cover) 
New Found Glory  Heaven Isn't too Far Away(????? cover) 
Death By Stereo  Little Fighter(??????) 
??????  Ordinary World(Duran Duran Cover) 
Swindle  Youth Gone Wild(Skid Row Cover) 
Gallery  Blue(Eifle 65 Cover) 


It's a little known fact that to make a bad song good, you turn it into a punk song! I'm not saying that all the songs on here are originally bad songs, but they just sound so much better when they're done by a punk band. Some real standouts on this mix are Limbecks version of that damn Backstreet Boys song, Alien Antfarm's rendition of Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal, and Gallery's version of that shitty dancefloor smash Blue by Eifle 65.


half-japanese girl
Date: 6/22/2001
the alien ant farm song is actually "smooth criminal"
Date: 6/22/2001

The hardest thing about making a mix like this is finding out which crappy punk band sang the damn thing. lol They all sound the same but fun nonetheless, cause it's more fun when it's punk. I think?
Date: 6/22/2001

The Stand By Me song was originally by Ben E. King.
Date: 6/23/2001
i love these! i have a mix cd of punk covers too and i have no idea who did any of them. hey, do you think i could make you a copy and send you that and you could send me a copy of this? that would be cool.
Wonder Bunny
Date: 6/23/2001
This mix kicks ass! I was doing a similar thing until I gave up cuz I didn't know the names of any of the bands.
sara k.
Date: 6/29/2001
"heaven" is originally by warrant.
this mix rules!
Date: 7/27/2001
I love punk covers!! this is great!