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A Completely Incomplete History of Punk Rock, Volume 2: The 1980s

Artist Song
Circle Jerks  Live Fast, Die Young 
Young Canadians  Hawaii 
Los Angeles  
UK Subs  Teenage  
Dead Kennedys  Kill the Poor  
Bad Brains  Pay to Cum  
The Germs  What We Do is Secret  
Black Flag  TV Party  
Millions of Dead Cops  Violent Rednecks 
The Adicts  Chinese Takeaway  
Descendents  Kabuki Girl  
Stray Cats  Stray Cat Strut  
Subhumans  I Don't Wanna Die  
Anti-Nowhere League  Let's Break The Law  
Minor Threat  Minor Threat  
Minutemen  Corona  
Hüsker Dü  I Apologize 
Reagan Youth  USA  
The Replacements  Bastards of Young  
Bad Religion  Land of Competition  
Fugazi  Waiting Room  
Pixies  Debaser  
D.R.I.  Beneath the Wheel  
Operation Ivy  Sound System  
The Vandals  Anarchy Burger  
Murphy's Law  Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight 
GG Allin  You'll Never Tame Me  


Here's chapter two of our history of punk. We'd love to hear your suggestions for what we missed.

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