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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
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under stars

Artist Song
aphex twin  btoum-roumada 
big star  kangaroo 
fog  the girl from the gum commercial 
kickball  take 
parenthetical girls  the four platitudes (a bridge song) 
the daredevil christopher wright  blood brother 
xiu xiu  bunny gamer 
of montreal  the past is a grotesque animal 
hop along  no good al joad 
new order  face up 
minus story  you were on my side 
pretty swans  wicked game 
colin stetson  the stars in his head (dark lights remix) 
arthur russell  you can make me feel bad 
smog  the orange glow of a stranger's living room 
red house painters  mistress (piano version) 
nina simone  isn't it a pity 


for joel, october 2012.