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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
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tears i cannot hide

Artist Song
the boys of dedza secondary schol  amalume 
parenthetical girls  love connection pt ii 
arab strap  soaps 
the platters  smoke gets in your eyes 
the magnetic fields  all the umbrellas in london 
xiu xiu  rose of sharon (grey ghost version) 
arthur russell  a sudden chill 
the innocence mission  look for me as you go by 
this mortal coil  song to the siren 
larkin grimm  i killed someone (demo) 
red house painters  drop 
baby dee  when i get home 
nina simone  why (the king of love is dead) 
the beatles  golden slumbers / carry that weight / the end 
hop along  breakfast song 


for sarah, compiled in 2012 and delivered almost a year later. songs that were makin' me feel things.