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Artist Song
Vallon-Fripp-Red Clouds   Fade, Haaden Two/Urban Landscape, Relics 2 
Steve Roach & Dirk Serries  Haze (sampling initial shards of ‘Vinculum’ by Coppice) 
Sozu Project  From Breath to Thought 
Jaja   Achanaar 
Nirgoona Project   Japanese Morning 
North Hive  Immersion 
Disturbed Earth  Peregrine 
Brian Eno  Compact Forest Proposal, Condition 7 
Chris Russell  Outlands  
Periskop  Submerge 1, IV 


It began as a thought in the recesses of my mixing brain…as I brought installments 1 through 10 up to digital date for installation on my new phone…

. . . “what about a 2014 installment?” . . .

. . . then a Twitter notification hipped me wise to the Silent Flow Net.label (3 of the mix’s 10 tracks come from new artists discovered there) . . . which I began combining with various new things I had collected (several from my ambient home away from home, Relaxed Machinery) . . . Track 1 is an ambitious piece, splicing 3 artists: Jazz pianist Colin Vallon, Experimental guitarist Robert Fripp and Ambient pioneer, Red Cloud (James Hoehl)…into a singular bit of exquisite, uhm…din.

I tweaked the cover art slightly to reflect the five-year gap between this edition & the rest of the series (thank you Adobe Photoshop Express!)
image for mix