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Artist Song
Shelby   The Golden Boy  
Pixies  The Happening  
Seatbelts  Autumn in Ganymede  
The Naked And Famous   Young Blood  
Cut/Copy   Lights and music Cut/Copy  
Neverending White Lights   Ghost Ship (Ft. Hot Hot Heat)  
Last Days of April   Aspirins And Alcohol  
Deerhunter  Desire Lines  
Phantogram  Bill Murray  
Motel  Qu├ędate  
Kazz (Amantes de Lola)   Gravitania 
She Past Away   Sanri 
Ikon  Fall Apart  
Cold Cave   Alchemy And You  
Aesthetic Perfection   Inhuman  
Goodnight Sunrise  On your Birthday  
Senseless Things  Too Much Kissing  
Velocity Girl   Crazy Town  
Inara George and Bryony Atkins   Infinity  


Here I am posting my birthday mix, 16 days late!!! Yikes. My first mix since I moved; nearly a year in the new town and I am still not settled. In fact this mix almost didn't happen, which would have been a first in 12 years. But some last minute inspiration for my cover art came along and saved the day! I am really pleased with my cover art and my song picks they following my rules: birthday/autumn/october/last 12 moth releases/and landmarks, but do it in an ever so subtle way. Good flow too, great for driving around in the Mad city.
image for mix