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Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
Playlist | Electronic - Ambient
Playlist | Electronic - Ambient


Artist Song
Robert Fripp  Preface (from Exposure) 
Meallo   Satyaggrahl 
Colin Fallon   Coriolis 
Disturbed Earth  Boatman 
Henry Frayne  Old Seattle 
Harold Budd & Brian Eno  The Chill Air 
Raison d’etre  Metamorphyses Phase 
Saul Stokes   Below (excerpt) 
Chris Russell  Twilight Woods 
Peter Van Cooten   The Hum in the Room (a snippet from his famous, stand-alone mix) 
Catherine Wheel  Fripp  
Tim Story & H.J. Roedelius  Dew Climbs 
arbee & bleupulp  pno  
Periskop  Dubworks 3. VII 
BT  Go(d)t  
Digital Simply World  Time Travel (re-prefacing Fripp…after a fashion) 


A mix inspired by Robert Fripp‘s tongue & cheek offering of “possible commercial work” as the opening statement of his 1979 ‘Exposure‘ LP (a perennial favorite) Not much content herein (although I love each & every sound on the playlist) would be considered “commercial” (in the sense that the composer could quit their day job & live in luxury off the royalties) ;- D

The easiest way for me to execute this was to export to a long mp3 & then cut it up into 5 slices which are not based upon the individual times of the tracks, but upon segments of sound/(#SoundSlabs)/chronological deliverables. After that & upon playback, I swapped out the final track…preferring Digital Simply World‘s ‘Time Travel’ to my, uhm…original selection.


Track 1:
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Date: 11/7/2014
Fripp lives on at the l@bs!