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lanterna 2014

Artist Song
David Gerard  Uncle Silas (interpolating ‘Dawn’) 
Henry Frayne   Dawn 
Brian Eno  Stars 
Henry Frayne  Ethernet 
Oystein Sevag/Lakey Patey  Wind Wave 
Jeff Pearce   Unrequited 
Tim Story  Sister of the Flood  
Henry Frayne  Dark Spring 
R.E. Young   Magister Ludi 
Henry Frayne  End of the Tunnel 
Andy Summers – The Somnambulist  Passage 
Robert Fripp  1985 
Channel Light Vessel   Train Traveling North 
Henry Frayne  Silent Hills 
David Gilmour  Mihalis  
Tangerine Dream   Dolls in the Shadow 
Henry Frayne  Achieving Oneness 
Virlyn  Fjord 
Dirk Serries  Mounting Among the Waves (excerpt) 
Henry Frayne  Colossus 
Pink Floyd   The Lost Art of Conversation 


Begun in 1999 (via cassette), revised in 2004 (CD) & now in 2014 for its 15 year anniversary – digitally eclipsing the CD edition to 94+ minutes, ‘lanterna‘ (named after & wrapped around the classic album by Henry Frayne) was my first real (segued) mix, has earned numerous trades/requests, feedback from Henry himself…& has now been updated with new opening & closing tracks…(including a short one from the new Pink Floyd album, The Endless River)

…a personal, ether/guitar-driven, ambient/experimental favorite that has held together over the years.

D/L: Artwork & mixed tracks:
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